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Sarko Montaug – We Live In The Sky is available on Spotify, Apple Musc, SoundCloud.

by Walter Price

Wanderlusting indie-pop duo Sarko Montaug [Cristian and Jess Mora] have their sights set on “…always sound indie, even when we are trying to be pop and we’ll always be trying to modernize the past.” And their recent single, “We Live in the Sky”, certainly honors their mission statement.

This is an emotionally delicate synth-pop song that would’ve felt right at home with 1980s college radio staples by Book of Love, Camouflage, or Joy Division. It’s a haunting track going into the shadowy impasses of a relationship. As the married duo explains in a quote provided to the GTC, “We let our relationship coast for too long and were faced with the classic timeline of how all tragedies form: gradually, then suddenly. Our personal identities were both so wrapped in the relationship that when it got hit with trouble, we had a lot of personal choices we had to make. When what you thought was a solid structure completely crumbles under you do you crash down with it? Do you jump to try to save yourself? Do you give up or do you stay and learn how to live in a new way?”

Produced by in-demand indie producer Jorge Elbrecht, the part that really pulls you into this song’s web is the light-as-air dreamy vocals that cradle the lived experiences of both Jess and Cristian. A vibe that’s reminiscent of two independent whispers coming together to form this persevering love song.

And to add more artistic punch to this ethereal single, the accompanying music video is a brilliant visual result. Again, in another quote, the aesthetics are reflected upon, “We wanted the contrast of the house, preserved in the era of its time (the early 60s), and the apartment in such a modern building to reinforce the concept of the past suddenly becoming the present.” Mission accomplished.

You can stream “We Live in the Sky” as well as see the DIY video, now at the GTC.


Quotes and band photo courtesy of Chantel Reeder PR // Sarko Montaug

Written/Performed by Sarko Montaug

Jess Mora
Cristian Mora

Produced by Jorge Elbrecht

Music video by Sarko Montaug

Sarko Montaug

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While the indie-pop duo Sarko Montaug may be new to the music realm, their name is not. Paying tribute to twin pillars of the 80s NYC art/nightlife scene – DJ Anita Sarko and Doorman Haoui Montaug – the group’s focus is on creativity. Haoui and Anita were instrumental in providing space for artists like Beastie Boys and Madonna to perform when they were unknowns. They had incredible taste and understood the energetic release that can only be experienced in a nightclub full of the right amount of friends, strangers, and icons.” – bio

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