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…you shattered my heart, MASONROSEGRAY Unrecognized

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by Walter Price

Ever felt like hitting a wall? Ever felt like you didn’t recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror?”, asks songwriter MasonRoseGray in a Facebook posted, dated September 18, 2021. The reason this singer asked these deep-rooted questions is that she wants to shine a light on the daunting realities that physical and emotional abuse has on one’s mental health. via her recent single, “Unrecognized”.

“Unrecognized” is a brooding, emotional look in the mirror for many of the millions of people affected by abuse. According to, “Intimate partner violence alone affects more than 12 million people every year.” And that’s in the United States, alone. So if you consider worldwide numbers, the devastating realities are even more heartbreaking.

MasonRoseGray, in a YouTube post, explains, “Unrecognized” is about physical and emotional abuse. I believe as a society it’s more and more prevalent and through this song, I wanted to bring awareness and take the listener on a deep truthful journey through the anguish.”

And she has brought even more awareness, not only through the tough at times and tear-inducing lyrics but through the music video as well. A dark look at what isolation, introspection, and pain must feel like for those who are trying to find a way out. It’s not particularly easy to watch if you’ve been down the path of abuse, but it’s important to give it a view, and possibly it will inspire you to share with a friend and maybe if needed, give you the courage to break the cycle.

You can see the film and stream “Unrecognized”, now at the GTC.


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Written by MasonRoseGray

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Blow by blow you shattered my heart, Made me feel worthless, shook me to the core

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