Manic Boys And Girls Club
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The Manic Boys And Girls Club – Blacked Out is available on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud.

Manic Boys And Girls Club

by Walter Price

I don’t want to finish school. I wanna start a band!”, reminds me of when Twisted Sister just wanted to rock, but this evergreen sentiment isn’t from the mouth of Dee Snider, rather these hallowed words are from the Toronto sibling duo Bela and Fernando Ferreira, AKA The Manic Boys And Girls Club.

And The MBG Club’s recent single, “Blacked Out”, not only rocks but is also a dancefloor-ready track that blends post-punk edge and plenty of gritty pop. The title is self-explanatory, but the band has provided an in-depth quote to the GTC that explains the song’s storyline, “In packed rooms on late nights, we temporarily erase reality, only to wake up the next morning fully dressed with ears ringing. When writing, we thought back to being surrounded by people we didn’t love in a bar and needing another drink. Soon the lights looked nicer, the music sounded better. By the end of the night, we had become the crowd we were bored of hours earlier.”

We’ve all been there, allegedly. But this story is accentuated by the underlying crunchiness of the arrangement and more so by the timeless, well-traveled, vocals of Bela Ferreira. This singer seems to have had a lot of history with the subject matter. Making the single all that more indelibly real and cinematic as she sings about this familiar scenario. And we all know that the best songs are the ones that stick in our souls long after the groove has faded from our speakers. And this one certainly does.

And the accompanying music video is a pretty brilliant result as well. Late night club scenes intertwined with images of the band, and the morning after sells the song’s message of regret and WTF am I doing with my life. Not to mention, the fashion-forward aesthetics of it all. It’s all cohesive. Just like the single itself.

You can stream the churning “Blacked Out” and see its film, now at the GTC.


Band photo/quotes courtesy of The MBG Club/Facebook

Music, lyrics, video by The Manic Boys And Girls Club

Manic Boys And Girls Club

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Raised strict Catholics, children of immigrant parents, sent away to live in rural Portugal with their grandmother (who had previously been a catholic nun); The Manic Boys and Girls Club is more than a band. It is an escape from the submissive existence that was the siblings’ reality, an escape from the disposable music packaged for the masses, and an escape for any misfit looking to join the club.” – bio

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