ON Gator
12. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…welcome home, ON Gator

ON Gator is available on the ON LP, Indiestructable Records, Spotify

ON Gator

by Walter Price

Rocknroll collective ON returns with another criúnchy post-grunge single from their phenomenal 2022 self-titled LP. “Gator” is a cautionary tale of sorts, a be careful of what you wish for type scenario, and from what I’ve been able to decode, this is a track about the dangers within your safety zone.

“Gator” appears to have a double meaning. A) those folks who can afford to segregate themselves in private communities and B) the ferocious beasts that lurk in the waters of these safe posh wards. The track paints quite a societal critique. But, if you’ve been following this LP’s progression, you’re probably not too surprised that this band knows how to craft weighty lyrics backed by their evergreen alt-rock punch. And this single is no exception.

You can stream “Gator” as well as the full LP, here at the GTC.

ON Gator


Band photo via Facebook // Artwork via Bandcamp

Written by Di Santo, Cornelius, Fall
Produced by ON & Darius Szczepaniak
Engineerd by Dew Howard, Darius Szczepaniak
Mastered by Darius Szczepaniak

Lucy Di Santo
Dan Cornelius
Steve Fall

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“ON is a sonic guitar-based landscape centered around the undeniable chemistry
of its core members featuring Lucy Di Santo (vocals, bass), Dan Cornelius (drums),
and Steve Fall (guitars). Well-crafted songs with an attention to arrangement,
groove and performance a la carte, on sets its sights with a global reach
connecting with an audience that seeks out impactful and genre-defying music

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