Joy Autumn The Ghost
13. September 2023 By Walter Price 0


Joy Autumn The Ghost is available on Midnight EP, Deezer, SoundCloud

Joy Autumn The Ghost

by Walter Price

Commenting on the release of her introspective and Grammy-considered Midnight EP (2018), Joy Autumn said, “This album is me turning my pain into power and believing with an open heart that anything is possible.”

This 6 track set is a deeply personal and meticulously produced album where the songs and emotional releases are allowed to breathe. Palpable, therapeutic, and a journey worth experiencing. The magic here as with Autumn’s recent Kurt Cobian homage, is that this songwriter/performer isn’t shy about her realities. making each song relatable. Faded relationships, empowerment, navigating mental health, and the trials and tribulations of making it into the limelight.

And while each song from ‘Midnight’ is a true songwriting gem, I’ve been particularly drawn to the center track, “The Ghost”. “You don’t come through for me/ What’s wrong baby?/ And on a bed of nails you make me wait/ But lately I’ve been wondering/ Was it real?/ Was it just a dream?/ Cuz I can’t sleep at night with a ghost…”, Autumn laments in a near whisper.

However you want to perceive being ghosted, it’s a daunting human experience. In the past, Joy Autumn has referred to this song being an accidental Halloween song—With that said, we may never know who this one is about but we certainly know the experience all too well. BOO

You can stream the soft arrangement and ghostly encounter deep cut, “The Ghost”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Artwork, credits, and lyrics via Bandcamp

Joy Autumn – Vocals, Piano, Synths
Bill Lefler – Drums, Synths, Programming
Leah Zeger – Violin
Ethan Carlson – Mixing
John Greenham – Mastering
Executive Producer – Kinman Tam
Nicole Carnarius – Photography & Album Design
All songs by Joy Autumn © 2018 Alfie Cat Publishing
Produced by Joy Autumn and Bill Lefler

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Your voice is ringing in my ears
Perfectly in time to the choir I hear
Of sirens wailing in the night
I see your face you’re smiling at me
When you lean in to kiss me
Your lips are bees stinging me

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