Mike and the Moonpies
14. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

MIKE and the MOONPIES Paycheck to Paycheck

Mike and the Moonpies Paycheck to Paycheck is available on One to Grow On, Apple, Prarie Rose Music

Mike and the Moonpies

by Walter Price

The history of working folk cobbling together their earnings and basking in the smokey local dives to blow off some work week steam is long and winding. Willie Nelson’s “I Gotta Get Drunk“, George Jones’ “Finally Friday“, Lee Brice’s “Drinking Class“, and, of course, Johnny Paycheck’s “Take This Job and Shove It” are just a handful of go-to’s to hit play on just as that 5 o’clock Friday whistle blows.

But, for all your hard-earned ducats, you’d be remiss not to add Mike and the Moonpies Friday night toe-tapper “Paycheck to Paycheck” (2021) to your honky tonkin playlist. “On Monday mornin’ I’m a-hemmin’ and a-hawin’ tryin’ to get myself in gear/ I’m on a hard-hat crew ’cause the bills are due and I’m in up to my ears/ But come Friday night I’ll be feelin’ right when I’m cashin’ my check downtown/ Where the liquor’s sold and the beers are cold and the jukebox turned up loud…”. Yee-Haw MFs!

There’s always a weekend just around the corner and some cuttin’ loose on the calendar. So cash your check, pick up your sweet thing, aim your headlight towards your favorite watering hole, and turn up Mike and the Moonpies’ “Paycheck to Paycheck”.

“Paycheck to Paycheck” is taken from the band’s masterclass “One to Grow On” LP (2021) and you can stream it here, at the GTC.

MIKE and the MOONPIES Paycheck to Paycheck

+ One to Grow On LP

Band photo, artwork, and lyrics via Bandcamp

Mike And The Moonpies are:
Mike Harmeier – Guitar, Vocal
Zach Moulton – Steel Guitar
Omar Oyoque – Bass
Kyle Ponder – Drums
Catlin Rutherford – Guitar

Additional Musicians:
John Carbone – Piano, Hammond, Wurlitzer
Nate Coon – Percussion
Shooter Jennings – Synthesizers
David Percefull – Hammond
Zac Wilkerson – Harmony Vocal
Jordan Richardson – Drums (QCNH)
Sam Anderson – Vocals (QCNH)
David Matsler – Guitars (QCNH)
Shiny Soul Sisters: Alice Spencer & Kelley Mickwee – Harmony Vocals

Produced by Adam Odor & Mike And The Moonpies

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I been churnin’ and a-burnin’ and a-workin’ on thΠ΅ weekends for goin’ on fifteen years
I tried to save my pay for a Chevrolet but then I spent it on fifteen beers
Now I got a bank loan on a two-tone Pontiac GTO
Well Paycheck in the tape deck and blarin’ on the radio

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