Holiday Sidewinder Escape
15. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

…ride it out, HOLIDAY SIDEWINDER Escape & Retreat

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Holiday Sidewinder Escape

by Walter Price

Media and ever-growing fanbase fave, indie pop maven Holiday Sidewinder, returns with a weighty 80s vibed single that’ll have tongues a waggin’. “Escape & Retreat” has its origin story steeped in the turmoil that began not too long ago and ultimately divided an entire planet.

In a quote shared with the GTC, Sidewinder speaks to the track’s backstory, “I was living alone in Cyprus during the pandemic, listening to John Martyn’s “Glorious Fool” (produced by Phil Collins) on repeat. The album title satirises Ronald Regan’s ascent to the White House. Coincidentally, I was watching Trump’s ascent to the White House when I started writing this song. It felt like the world and my life was going to shit and where I was, was an escape and retreat from the chaos -somewhere with heat, palm trees, and peace”.

Speaking of Phil Collins, you can feel his influence on the drums throughout “Escape & Retreat” backing the smooth tropical R&B arrangement. As Sidewinder’s zeitgeist lyrics weave in and out of the funky bassline like butter. All proving, once again, that Sidewinder only writes and produces tracks to better her last. Mission accomplished.

If you ever get the feeling, then stream “Escape and Retreat” and repeat here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of Holiday Sidewinder

Written by me and @benmarkweaver
Produced by @benmarkweaver
Mixed & Mastered by @francoistetaz
Photo by @thomkerr
Artwork by Holiday Sidewinder

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I wish I could live and learn a thousand lives
I wish I could fall and fail and press rewind
escape and retreat oh my my…

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