In Every Dream Home a Heartache
11. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

ERICA NOCKALLS has ROXY MUSIC In Every Dream Home a Heartache, covered

Erica Nockalls In Every Dream Home a Heartache is available on Bandcamp, Tidal, Deezer

 In Every Dream Home a Heartache

by Walter Price

Multi-faceted creator Erica Nockalls’ most recent single, “Build Me a Ship”, is a massive undertaking. Lush, dark, and beautiful, but for many, the song’s surprising secret weapon goes beyond the A-side’s enchanting arrangement and verses. It’s the B-side that’ll have evergreen fans of Roxy Music hitting play repeatedly.

The single’s Bandcamp page says of the track, “The second track of this new release is a cover of Roxy Music’s seminal ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache‘. In this track, Bryan Ferry sang about luxury and modernity as a dystopia where the only possible love is with the materiality of an inflatable doll… Erica and featured vocalist Jean-Charles Versari (Versari, Hurleurs, Adam H) rethink the text as a dialogue, a personification of this exchange, where Erica takes on the role of the doll, and Jean-Charles that of the man.”

This redux is sheer, brooding, and respectful of the original all the while transforming the 1973 classic into something, arguably, more cinematic. The ‘dialogue’ approach is a beautiful touch making this version ready for a stage production. But none of this will be a surprise to long-term fans of Nockalls, for she has proven over and again that she does nothing haphazard.

You can stream both the A and B sides, here at the GTC.

ERICA NOCKALLS In Every Dream Home a Heartache

+ Build Me a Ship

Artist photo via Facebook// Quotes and artwork via Bandcamp

Build Me a Ship
Lyrics and music by Erica Nockalls
Performed by Erica Nockalls
Recorded at No.5 Compound Studios, Cambados, Spain
Mixed by Jean-Charles Versari at Versari Studios, Paris, France
Produced by Jean-Charles Versari and Erica Nockalls
Mastering by Remi Salvador at Evergreen Mastering, France

In Every Dream Home a Heartache (feat. Jean-Charles Versari)
Written and composed by Bryan Ferry
Performed by Erica Nockalls and Jean-Charles Versari
Recorded and mixed at Versari Studios, Paris, France
Produced by Jean-Charles Versari and Erica Nockalls
Additional musicians:
Cyril Bilbeaud: Drums
Hélios Daher: Cello

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Her songwriting is removed from the pop norm: Gritty drum machines, generous synths, cutting tones mixed with unusual violins and glass-sharp vocals. Erica Nockalls chooses danger and experimentation with her violin, making it a tool of creation, rather than accompaniment. Blunt. Honest. Generous. There’s a lid boiling on her British reserve.” – bio

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