October 2016
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GTC October 2016 Top 10 and News

October 2016 Global Texan Top 10.

October 2016

Hi, Thank You for coming by The GTC last month as we checked out new music from Evan Egerer, Shukura Chapman, The Y Axes, Billy Momo, New Spell and Thomas Guiducci. Also discovered albums that changed the lives of Thomas Guiducci and Eoin Dolan, and then our friends over at Real Rock And Roll Music Blog introduced us to tons of fresh Rock of all tasty varieties!

All in all, a fantastic October indeed! Speaking of fantastic, new conversational and mostly funny podcast coming in November: From the Keller w/ Walter Price … Yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay!!


Here is what was read the most during October 2016 at The GTC!

  1. 5 Albums That Shaped Musician Chuck Westmoreland 
  2. 3 Reasons Why Cádiz, Spain
  3. The Y Axes Umbra 
  4. GTC Has Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition
  5. Thomas Guiducci The True Story of a Seasick Sailor in the Deep Blue Sea
  6. 5 Albums That Shaped Musician Eoin Dolan
  7. New Spell Rain
  8. Evan Egerer Carry Me Home
  9. Billy Momo Video Drive
  10. Shukura Chapman Rearview 


Where did you come from in October 2016?

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