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5 Albums That Shaped Musician Chuck Westmoreland

Chuck Westmoreland shares 5 important albums.

chuck westmoreland

by Chuck Westmoreland


Here are 5 albums that are important to me and have had an influence on me. There are many more but these come to mind first and I think they are reflected in the new record.  I’m sure that as soon as I publish this list I’ll think of 5 different ones but…  



Neutral Milk Hotel: The Aeroplane Over the Sea
chuck westmoreland

An old bandmate played this for me in his car when I was 18 or 19.  It made me so excited and bummed out at the same time.  It was so good that it made me ashamed of everything I had ever written.  It was the most honest, raw, vulnerable, and powerful singing I had ever heard.

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Dock Boggs: Country Blues (1927)

chuck westmoreland

“Will Sweethearts Know Each Other There” is my favorite song. Every time I hear it I get chills.  I’m getting chills right now reading the words.

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Sweetheart, we may live lonely here, While on earth we have to stay;

But there’ll come a time, my darling, When our souls will sail away.

Let us live just for each other, During life’s weary struggle here;
For our souls will be together, Then we’ll know each other there.

Your smile on earth I may never see, Nor your kind words ever hear;
If you’ll smile on me in Heaven, I am sure I’ll know you there.

Hope to find a spot in Heaven, Set aside for you and me;
We must do right on earth, dear, So the angels we will see.

We have many friends in Heaven, Who have gone on long before;
May we meet them and each other, On that blissful golden shore.

If you enter that heavenly clime, Before my stay on earth is o’er;
Keep the faith by watchin’ and waiting, For sweet Heaven is my only goal.

Should I reach the glory land, Before your body in clay is lain;
May God ever be with you, ‘Til we meet each other again.

Your smile on earth I may never see, Nor your kind words ever hear;
If you’ll smile on me in Heaven, I am sure I’ll know you there.

Waylon Jennings: Lonesome On’ry and Mean (1973)

chuck westmoreland
I love everything about this record and it bridged the gap for me between rock and country. It is genre defying and undeniable.

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Townes Van Zandt: Live at the Old Quarter (1977)
chuck westmoreland

When my daughter is crying and I can’t calm her down I put on this record.  It’s almost creepyhow she instantly relaxes and smiles hearing his voice.  I think he was tapped into some type of otherworldly psychic energy as if his songs were written in the place my child was before she was born.

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Link Wray: Self titled (1971)


When I think of bad ass I picture Link Wray in a chicken coup screaming “Fire and Brimstone” through his one lung into a three track tape machine while shaking a mason jar filled with nails

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