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Shukura Chapman Rearview

Shukura Chapman EP Rearview out now.

Shukura Chapman

by Walter Price


I hope I get this geography correct. Brisbane based, New Zealand raised, UK born soulful singer-songwriter Shukura Chapman has just released a new 3 track EP titled Rearview. So many attractive and magnetizing layers about this release. Here are just three.

First, Chapman handles drums, vocals, guitar and ukulele herself (additional bass, keys & guitar by Iain Broadley). As DIY artists are some of the most fascinating Chapman surpasses all expectations. Arranging sounds that could be compared to big extravagant by feel productions by Feist and early Björk. Funky beats, bluesy guitar work Prince would flash a smile at. A 70’s-esque lounge charm in spots that is undeniable.

Secondly, that voice. And speaking of Björk, Chapman does this beautiful and sassy voice work on “Release Me” that tingles the senses. Just as Björk had once done. Check out the sneaky low growl she does on the track, it’s that magnetizing thing I mentioned at the top.

Thirdly, for this article but not overall lastly. There have been many varieties of the blues/soul/R&B revival over the decades and some better than others. Shukura Chapman is something different. There are some comparisons I could make to what Lorde is doing. Especially evident on the single “One by One” but Chapman by my ears is lacking the perceived arrogance of Lorde. Which removes the too cool for school attitude and in its place is pure showcased talent in song craftwomanship.

Bravo Shukura Chapman


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