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14. October 2016 By Walter Price 0

The Y Axes Umbra

The Y Axes set to Umbra

y axes

by Walter Price


Great news out of San Francisco, one of the most interesting indie-pop bands, The Y Axes, have announced they will be dropping  a new full-length album Umbra November 26. After months of releasing a steady stream of out of this world singles this news is, well, great news. 

The 11 track Umbra will be the first full album since the band’s sassy and playful 2014 Sunglasses & Solar FlaresBased on the before mentioned handful of singles, Umbra will show the band will go from spaced-out garage-pop to a real pop music force. (Don’t worry, there will continue to be interstellar musings.)

The songwriting is much more precise and sonic landscapes vastly well crafted. Often sprawling, beats heavy, a bit retro, definitely catchy sing along friendly and very approachable. And the fact Alexi Belchere is one of the best voices in pop music and the band is comprised of actual musicians, things are looking bright. So, refreshing The Y Axes have been and by the sounds of it…will continue to be.

Check out the current star of the upcoming release down below.


The Y Axes: Facebook

Alexi Belchere – Vocals ( Devin Nelson – Guitar/vocals / Nick Schneider – Drums / Jack Sundquist – Bass


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