Margo Price live
15. October 2016 By Walter Price 0

Margo Price Desperate and Depressed

Margo Price goes “Desperate and Depressed” with Marc Maron Margo Price live by Walter Price   The world and at times more importantly, the music geeks, know the brilliance of Margo Price’s songwriting and earnest delivery. Her Midwest Farmer’s Daughter is truth, painful at times but a tactile experience in sounds. Cementing the fact that a return to traditional and authentic ‘country’ music is heading our way. Her recent talk with Marc Maron was one of Maron’s best chats. Price opened up, real open, to the point she made mention she was sharing perhaps more about her life and experiences than she has ever before. Her trials and many tribulations were heartbreaking and hopeful intermingled as pure human experiences. Again, furthering the artist’s authenticity, not just a human but as an artist as well. What you hear is what it is and that is so necessary. Have a listen to a live version of the b-side cut “Desperate and Depressed” and then check out the full interview here.   MARGO PRICE     facebook  /   website  


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