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3 Reasons Why Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz is the new go to rock n roll city?



By Walter Price


The three bands mentioned in this article are familiar names to The GTC pages. What these three bands represent are varied sounds coming from a Spanish city that you may or may not know about. The city is called Cádiz, nestled in the southwest part of Spain. A picturesque port city and more and more evident, a center for art and Rock N Roll.

As I was listening to the blistering new self-titled EP from the full throttle outfit I AM MULDER, I got to thinking, this band uses many influences from blues, alternative and punk to create a very exciting debut. But this band isn’t the only band we’ve discussed from Cádiz that work sounds so near perfection. Blending and utilizing the histories of rock in pure power and proven abilities. I’m talking about the hard charging The Electric Alley, alt-rock with a conscious Last Drop and the before mentioned I AM MULDER. Unintentional Ambassadors of Sound if you will.

And yes, as an outsider looking in, I understand it is a community of great musicians and cultural heritage and they do work together and perhaps interchange members and thoughts from time to time. That is what all great music scenes do. From San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Melbourne to now Cádiz. This article is not only a shout-out to what are already impressive sound  machines, but also a call out to any and all other great acts from the area to let us know about themselves and the community.

Here are just 3 of the Reasons Why Cádiz, Spain.



Jaime Moreno, Sergio Reyes  Nando Perfumo, Gamaza, Rafa G. Benitez



Edin Malamadre, Koke DeCadiz, Utopía Cádiz, Migue Mike



David, Edith, Jesús, Antonio, Álvaro (as listed on FB)


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