John Prine
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John Prine

John Prine meets Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan and writes classics delivering mail. 

John Prine


by Walter Price


The legendary singer-songwriter John Prine is a musician’s musician, a man who can manipulate a verse into depths that play simple but dig deep has been everywhere man. Prine’s recent stop on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast is a music geek’s dream of dreams.

There are the humble not in Kentucky anymore upbringing and down home family music origins, which is a great hear. But when my ears pricked-up is where he cut a break and had a private late night audience with Kris Kristofferson. A surreal experience that was lost on his first wife’s sensibilities but Prine moved on and hung with a then reclusive at the time Bob Dylan who already knew the up and coming Prine’s tunes as they sat in the apartment of Carly Simon. Hiistry in the making.

Anyway, my criticism about the Maron/Prine conversation is that it ended too soon and if their isn’t a part two the world would be short-changed. Also, a bio-pic would be a Prine fan’s dream of dreams part 2.

Check out the snippet below and catch the entire interview here.  Also John Prine has a new duets album called For Better, Or Worse and is out now.






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