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7. October 2016 By Walter Price 0

Billy Momo Video Drive

Billy Momo video for Drive from the forthcoming Seven Rivers Wild out November 11th.

Billy Momo video

by Walter Price


The anticipation builds as fans of Sweden’s Rock N Roll ‘gypsies’ Billy Momo prepare to drop their new album Seven Rivers Wild November 11th. But fret not the short wait, the band has a video for the single “Drive” ready for your pleasures.

Here is exactly why this is probably best video of the year (so far). As Autumn sets in and Winter winks from a not too far distance, Drive’s visuals follow a brilliantly mixed group as they plan warm destinations of nowhere in particular. The punk, the future guitar hero, the hippie, the trench coated, the undecided… you get the idea. Their seeminglymundane day intertwined with the familiar and unknown and those are the days everyone remembers their entire life. The atmosphere is tactile and memories forming are unmistakable. So, as with their music as a whole, the video for “Drive” is comfort everyone can identify with.

BONUS FEATURES: Righteous guitar solo and watch the video to the end for a life lesson.


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Tomas Juto, Oskar Hovell, Tony Lind, Mårten Forssman, Oscar Harryson, Christopher Anderzon, Andreas Prybil


Big ups to Bianca Pripp, Jenni Van De Meulebrouck, Engla Lind, Ida Kroner, Loke Hansson, Tarzan Lind, Joacim Cans and Tikva & Decibel for lending us their time, resources and talents when shooting this video.



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