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I am the signatory VIDEO/SINGLE: DUCKS! – “Delivery” (Things That Were Lost LP)

‘Things That Were Lost’ is available now @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

My phone informed me this morning that I’ve listened to “Delivery” by natty electronic purveyors DUCKS! 78 times in the last 30 days. Seems excessive, until you have a listen yourself and get enthralled by the breezy ode to the comforts of having all you ever wanted land on your doorstep with a click. But are these conveniences good for your soul? Is instant accessibility inducing anti-social behavior, reclusion?

Deliver me
My delivery
I am the signatory
You came here for me
I see

The road to mine is not a simple line
I appreciate you took the time to find me out
Do you deliver me from evil things
Or just deliver them to me?

Heavy contemplation, for sure. But when you wrap it up in the whimsical bounce that the DUCKS! continue to mesmerize new and old fans alike with, the subsequent result is an instant Summertime classic. And the surrealistic collage laden film, directed by Reuben Sutherland, is a psychedelic color blast! Sure to bring a bit of inspired visual awe to your occipital lobe.

click click…


Album artwork by Harriet Richardson

Performed and produced by Ducks! (Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan) at Schmiede (Hallein, Austria) and Tiny Lights (Berlin, Germany) with:
Michael Rosenthal – international guitar
Ray Mann – backing vocals
Marissa Bagley – shouting
Owen Cooper Hurst – cardboard

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