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KT EMMERSON: I’ll Be Your Moondoggie, The GIDGET SUMMER Playlist

The Gidget Summer playlist is available @ Spotify.

by KT Emmerson

Long ago, before Netflix and well, even the internet, we kids had to contend with reruns on network tele. I’m not ashamed to say that Samantha Stevens, Carol Brady, and Jeanie did a fair bit of raising me over the summer. We were three kids and a working mom, so I found my beach vacation with Gidget. And boy, is she a great model for an already quirky, but sweet tween to emulate.

Even though I grew up and lived on a real beach in my 20’s, I always see myself as Gidget when it’s summertime and beaching is on the horizon. I wear vintage bathing suits, not only because they flatter an over 40 mom best, but also because it brings out my inner playful, delighted, and effervescent Gidget. Even though I’ve found my Moondoggie, I’m never too old to trip across the warm sand and feel my whole beautiful life ahead of me.

Here’s your Gidget Playlist plus a little Morrissey mood, cuz we’re goth beach bums. Get your terrycloth suits out of the attic, grab your cats’ eyeglasses and a koozie of rose spritzer. “Honest to goodness, it’s the absolute ultimate!” – Gidget

The Gidget Summer Playlist


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