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SUNDAY CLASSIC GTC: Livy Pear In The Park (+ WE ARE AUST – “Between The Sheets”)

Livy Pear is available @ facebook.

Livy Pear

by Walter Price

The things about Livy Pear that motivate interest are the things that have made unique artists thrive on the fringe side of pop music. A charming standalone voice resting someplace between Nanna Hilmarsdóttir and Bec Sandridge.  A subtle but strong vocal style that fully supports the truths of Olivia Gruschczyk lyrics makes the listener immediately engaged.

The band rolled through Leipzig this past May [2015] for a couple of in-the-park performances that blew me away. Simple instrumentation but heavy on depth and authenticity. The downside is that I’ve been sitting on these two clips for an agreed to interview but the wheels fell off that wagon over time so I thought it a great idea to let these videos loose and in the hopes, you will dig the sounds of Germany’s Livy Pear as much as I do.

[29.July 2015]


Little Drum


WE ARE AUST – Between the Sheets

Order: We Are Aust

Band foto by Matthias Starte

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