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VIDEO PREMIERE: FREDRIK KINBOM – “Krumme Lanke” (Songs For Lap Steel And Harmonium LP)

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Krumme Lanke

by Walter Price

Fredrik Kinbom’s ‘Songs For Lap Steel And Harmonium’ is a serious album. Complicated and beautiful. A significance work of art that transcends what the formulaic pop landscapes have become, depthless.

The latest single “Krumme Lanke” is no exception. A song that examines the ever increasing need to not know, or care. Walking past a scene a thousand times and not understanding the histories that have unfolded on that very spot.

Kinbom explains, “Like the song, inspired by the Berlin lake of the same name, and the city’s often hidden layers of history, in this case, a WWII British Lancaster bomber which crashed into the idyllic lake in 1944 and the picturesque settlement of residential houses next to the lake, which was in fact built by the Nazis for SS-officers and their families. Both facts far from one’s mind when visiting Krumme Lanke on a summer’s day today.”

The video, created by Fredrik Kinbom and Sonja Kessner, like the track itself, is a somber ode to the forgotten memories laying just below the surface.


A Kinbom & Kessner video production / Artist cover photo: Darja Štravs Tisu.

On the lake where the swimmers float
Gentle wind rocks a plastic boat
Underneath bits of bomber sleep
Down in flames for the mud to keep

In the woods an idyllic place
Gardens, flowers, leisurely pace
It was built for the SS-men
Walls keep quiet now just like then.

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