dark heart age
3. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

No end to this darkness ALBUM: BEN MYERS – ‘The Dark Heart Age’ (LP)

Ben Myers – ‘The Dark Heart Age’ is available @ Apple Music.

by Walter Price

What’s eating at Ben Myers? His latest release, ‘ The Dark Heart Age’, is a 12-track collection moving in and out of reminiscent conversations, promises, pleas, and lovelorn sentiments. Resulting in the vibe, for the most part, lingering in the darkness, with fleeting moments of abstract positivity. A voyeuristic experience into a talented songwriter’s heartbreaking and complicated memories.

With all its beautiful piano and guitar arrangements covering a nice swathe of genres and Myers’ emotional words laying on the thick anguish, love, and longing. This album seemingly would better fit a Fall or Winter release/listen. Lest you forget, Summer has its rainy days as well.

If you’re moved by Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith and/or Sufjan Stevens, this album will slide nicely into your downloads.


dark heart age

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