Alex Lahey
1. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…all the way home, ALEX LAHEY Shit Talkin’

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Alex Lahey

by Walter Price

Songs about social anxiety or just dealing with the tediousness of dealing with people socially have rocked us for some time now. Lucy Dacus has sung about it so has NiN, Theory of a Deadman, Motion City Soundtrack, and, of course, the list can go on for a bit…Before you decide that you can do better on your own, there’s a new anthem to add to the playlist, the much-ballyhooed yet new to me Alex Lahey and her most recent single “Shit Talkin'”.

Lahey sings in a convinced, almost F-U delivery, “You know, the thing about seeing people/ Is deciding what you want them to see/ Will they wish that I could stay forever/ Or will they want me to leave…” The second verse, “Maybe they’re just racking up / All the ways that I fucked up/ I bet you when they’re on their own/ They’re shit talkin’ all the way home…”

Fuck ’em, right? Its almost impossible though to follow the words of Gary Oldman (or was it, RuPaul) “What other people think of me is none of my business.”… Because you, and I will endlessly kick ourselves in the metaphorical nads trying to figure out our places in our friend circles, social media spaces and what have ya. So, it’s nice to have a fresh new track to blast on top volume as we sing a long and, if only temporarily, not give a shit.

Stream the indelible “Shit Talkin'” + fresh new single “Good Time”, here at the GTC.

ALEX LAHEY Shit Talkin’

Artist photo via Bandcamp

Written by Alex Lahey and John Mark Nelson.
Produced by Alex Lahey and John Castle.
Mixed by Carlos de la Garza.
Mastered by Dave Cooley.

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“Alex Lahey is an Australian singer-songwriter with a sardonic streak and a flair for crafting melodically charged and relatable pop-punk anti-anthems. Since first breaking through with her hit single ‘You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me’ in 2016, she has released two Top 30 ARIA charting albums, won an AIR Award, been nominated for an ARIA and two J Awards, and toured the world, playing sold-out rooms, several times over.” – Liberation Record

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