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BABEHOVEN Break the Ice

Babehoven Break the Ice from the Light Moving Time LP is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Double Double Whammy


by Walter Price

What a refreshing, emotional, and authentically honest experience the debut LP, “Light Moving Time“, from Hudson, NY outfit Babehoven is. From the start, the aptly titled, “Break the Ice”, immediately lets the listener know that this bedroom pop-rock album is exceptional. Vocalist/songwriter Maya Bon lullabies you into a slight misdirection as she moves nearly effortlessly between ethereal alt-pop and psych-folk, pulling all that hear this jaw-dropping introductory song in tighter.

“Break the Ice”, as I said, is just the beginning of an album that must be heard from top to bottom. But we all know how attention spans are diminishing, so if you need a little more convincing before going headlong, check out “Marion”, “June Phoenix”, or “Circles”— And as find yourself fully immersed in the cathartic verses one must consider the production genuíus of Ryan Albert. Letting the words breathe their truths, allowing the air in the room to join in on the recording and the cold scenery outside to inspire the moments.

Taken from a Facebook post on 28.October.2022, a praising Maya Bon shared, “These songs were recorded in our bedroom in upstate New York during the icy, pensive, and beautiful months of winter 2022. Ryan and I holed up in our room and poured all of our love and attention into them. for Ryan, I feel too much gratitude to even know how to begin sharing. he cradles the songs I write and brings the most sensitive and expansive ear to each one. I love him.”

From the songwriting and production to the captivating Danielle Norris album artwork—“Light Moving Time” is an absolute joy to have found. You can start your journey into the LP by streaming “Break the Ice”, here at the GTC.

BABEHOVEN Break the Ice

Artists photo by @toldslant_felix // Album artwork by Danielle Norris

Songs by Maya Bon
Produced by Ryan Albert
Co-produced by Maya Bon
Mixed by Henry Stoehr
Mastered by Greg Obis (Chicago Mastering Service)
Album art by Danielle Norris
Album text layout by Annie Russell
Special thanks to Jessica Chappe and Samuel Lieberman for playing viola and flute (respectively) on “Marion”

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“Light Moving Time is the debut full-length from Hudson, NY’s Babehoven (Maya Bon and Ryan Albert). Light Moving Time is emblematic of Babehoven’s wide range of dynamics, and each of those sounds are taken further as Bon explores the power of community, experiences of trauma, and explorations of changing relationships. Album art by Danielle Norris.” – Double Double Whammy Records

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