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2. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

TEXAS: AUSTIN MAYSE Bridges & Kerosene

Austin Mayse Bridges & Kerosene is available on Apple Music, Spotify

austin mayse

by Walter Price

Fans of the long and winding history and tradition of Texas-style country bar music have been rejoicing as soon as they lay ears on Austin Mayse’s well-received LP, “Bridges & Kerosene”. Maybe this 10-track album’s top achievement is twofold. Firstly, Mayse’s uncut earnestness, and secondly, producer and Tejas multifaceted artist Chris Beall has taken the role of a sherpa to these songs instead of a heavy-handed studio wizard. Allowing Mayse and his visions to breathe and prosper in all their raw glory.

Just a few of the top highlights include the confessional “Wretch Like Me”, the slow-burn Tarintino soundtrack candidate “Rattlesnake” replete with tasty loungy horns, the dirt road story song “On My Way” and the picturesque hometown sweetheart charmer “The Rose of Thorndale”. But don’t get me wrong, the entire LP feels like home and you can almost feel the air of barrooms and country churches from all points FT. Davis, Laredo, Nacogdoches, and stops in between coursing through this set’s DNA.

With “Bridges & Kerosene”, Austin Mayse’s return has proven that he’s a sobering Texas raconteur and you can stream the album in full, here at the GTC.

AUSTIN MAYSE Bridges & Kerosene

Artist photo by Robbyn Dodd

Austin Mayse
Harmoni Kelley
John Chipman
Ron Flynt
Geoff Queen
Jenee Fleenor
J.J. Plasencio
w/ Amy Hooper, Tina Wilkins & Walt Wilkins

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The years since then have seen Mayse come and go from the live-music scene as real-life ups and downs demanded. Having played trumpet in orchestras professionally since his teens, he’s backed up bands of various genres and gigged with his friends in fellow under-the-radar indie act The Great American Boxcar Chorus along with picking up his guitar for solo gigs and song swaps around his home state. With fresh material comes fresh momentum: Mayse is excited to share his newest work to receptive audiences anywhere the road might take him, whether that’s in person or on the finely-crafted, fully realized record Bridges & Kerosene.” – bio

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