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…weird but exciting, MARI DANGERFIELD Love Machine

Mari Dangerfield Love Machine from Love And Other Machines: Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Dimple Discs

...weird but exciting, MARI DANGERFIELD Love Machine

by Walter Price

Let’s strap on the way-back machine for just a bit and revisit the absolutely charming single “Love Machine” from the just as delightful Mari Dangerfield. In a no-second-guessing quote posted to Bandcamp, Dangerfield recounts the track’s origin story, “The second I looked at them, I knew I was in for a very exciting experience as if I’d known them all my life and had just been waiting for that moment. It’s also about questioning everything when something like this happens, because it can seem so unbelievable, and that battle between your logical mind saying ‘hold it there’ and your hormones going ‘this is the one’ ensues. It’s a very weird but exciting feeling and I wanted to convey that in something danceable but also a bit quirky and deep.”

Quirky, deep, and danceable could be the entire review…if weren’t for the pesky sweetness and Dangerfield’s undeniable magnetism not only in the 1980s-vibed single itself but in the accompanying self-directed music video as well. I know I’ve spoken to the charm already, but have a watch or two of the dance sequences in the promotional film. It’s long-form TikTok, in a way but with more actual depth and the creator’s endearing personality sewn throughout. For example, most directors would edit out that awkward pause before the action begins—Not Dangerfield, she curiously and consciously left those bits in. To add that realistic nervous air, I’m guessing. Kinda what the entire song is about. Not to mention the inedible choreography and dance moves of Yasmin Dan. The balance between Dan and Dangerfield is as playfully eclectic that even the coldest of hearts may melt.

“Love Machine” is from the brilliant 12-track LP, “Love And Other Machines” (re-released via Dimple Discs). A set, that’s been described as ‘A concept album about love, the mind, and technology.’ And if you’re a fan of lovely quirkiness and vulnerable truths and you sometimes like to get lost in contemplation and cut a rug in wild abandon alone in your bedroom…this is an album and single for you.

You can stream “Love And Other Machines” and witness the music video for “Love Machine”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo by Paula Llagostera

All songs, written by Mari Dangerfield

Full track x track credits @ Bandcamp

MUSIC VIDEO: Starring: Mari Dangerfield and Yasmin Dan
Directed/Concept by Mari Dangerfield
Produced by Mari Dangerfield
Choreographer: Yasmin Dan
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Matteo Bangrazi
First Assistant Camera: Tommaso Colelli
Animation by Leigh Kemp
Colourist: Liz Glennard
Hair & Make-Up: Joanna Franks

First EVER headline show hits 10 February 2023 @ 229 London

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