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6. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

Meet ERGO, BRIA + Dogs (single)

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Ergo Bria

by Walter Price

The freedom of creating music in a boundary-free way must be as liberating as an artist can get. Take Nashville-based classically trained rocknroller Ergo, Bria (Bria McCollum). When I was first introduced to her music it was via the skate punk thrasher “Dogs” and it instantly reminded me of the vibes from the era when Bones Brigade, Clutch, Pantera, and the like were popping cheap car speakers and soundtracking afternoons at the skatepark. But “Dogs” isn’t all there is to the multi-faceted Ergo, Bria.

For example, on “Plethora” the Atlanta-born songwriter goes full melodic alt-rocker, or with the track “Slow Burn” there’s an air of post-punk coursing through its veins and in an absolutely different realm altogether, the spacious “Comfort Zone” enters into the edgy and ethereal dream pop space. So dial up any one of this burgeoning indie star’s songs and be delighted with the art of making music without hesitation of being confined by expectations.

You can stream “Dogs” as well as Ergo, Bria’s Top Spotify Tracks, here at the GTC.

ERGO, BRIA Dogs (single)

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Lyrics & Music by Bria McCollum

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“Ergo, Bria also known as Bria McCollum is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, session musician, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. She is now currently based in Nashville, Tennessee where she attends Belmont University as a songwriting major. Bria strives to break the typical barriers of an artist because of her unique voice and style choices. With her passion for genre-bending, she uses her background as a classical pianist, violist, and violinist to create a completely different arena of music. Much of her work contains deep, yet very literal lyrics about, mental health, heartbreak, love, and society.” – bio

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