soul killer
8. June 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Soul Killer

by Walter Price

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was speaking to the everlasting rocknroll gift ON’s self-titled LP is shaping up to be. Well, here we are again and we’re going a little deeper than the band’s scheduled single releases and shining a spotlight on a song situated lower down on the tracklisting. It’s called “Soul Killer” and it’s a crunchy and melodic jam better heard on the proverbial 11.

With a fist-pumping anthemic riff starting things off just before quickly moving into a churning Dan Cornelius beat and vocalist Lucy Di Santo’s Sandra Nasić meets Billy Corgan delivery pulls us through the evergreen song about underappreciation. Pure classic indie rock through and through + Seve Fall’s guitar work is a masterclass. The magic, if you will, with this hidden-in-plain-sight track is its less is more production. These steller rockers don’t need too much studio wizardry to sucker punch your senses. “Soul Killer” is just another fine example of this.

For those about to rock—Top off your tank, lower the windows, and hit the open road with ON turned all the way…UP, again!

ON Soul Killer

Band photo via Facebook // Bio quote via Bandcamp

Written by Di Santo, Cornelius, Fall
Produced by ON & Darius Szczepaniak
Engineerd by Dew Howard, Darius Szczepaniak
Mastered by Darius Szczepaniak

Lucy Di Santo
Dan Cornelius
Steve Fall

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“on is a sonic guitar-based landscape centered around the undeniable chemistry
of its core members featuring Lucy Di Santo (vocals, bass), Dan Cornelius (drums),
and Steve Fall (guitars). Well-crafted songs with an attention to arrangement,
groove and performance a la carte, on sets its sights with a global reach
connecting with an audience that seeks out impactful and genre-defying music

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