Klepto Nikki Clyde
9. June 2023 By Walter Price 0

…more than you need, FIRE TIGER Klepto Nikki Clyde

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Klepto Nikki Clyde

by Walter Price

Tighten up your neon fat laces, everyone’s favorite purveyors of nostalgic pop rock Fire Tigar return with a new single with a story to tell. And it probably doesn’t matter if the heroine of “Klepto Nikki Clyde” is an actual person, because we’ve all known someone who’s a version of this wayward soul.

In her signature beckoning smokey vocals, Tiff Alkouri sings, “Nikki Clyde had beauty on her side/ She’d take the bus to the Dollar Store and come alive/ She’d come out with trinkets and useless things/ Pour them out on the floor and say/ Take what you need/ All that you need, ” and the next verse, “Klepto Nikki Clyde was a friend of mine/ Who got into some trouble and now she’s doing time/ Klepto Nikki Clyde was a friend of mine/ Oh oh oh…”

Oh, Nikki, what’s eating you up inside? While this sparkling song feels like Laura Branigan soundtracking a John Hughes closing scene and James Ramsey’s extraordinary electronic keys provide some groovy 1980s razzle-dazzle, the track’s heartbreaking narrative is hiding in plain sight. Needless to say, there’s a lot of depth going on here. And it all begs the question, whatever happen to the ‘Nikki’ in your life…

You can stream the captivating “Klepto Nikki Clyde”, here at the GTC.

FIRE TIGER Klepto Nikki Clyde

Band photo and artwork via Facebook // Lyrics via YouTube

Song by Fire Tiger (Tiffany Alkouri / James Ramsey)

Tiff Alkouri (vocals)
James Ramsey (keys)
Jordan Lucas (guitar)
Tyler Renga (bass)
Lorenzo Meynardi (drums)

Facebook // Website // Twitter

One day high on her usual spree
There were people watching over her
She couldn’t see
She wouldn’t see
They let her go with her pumpkin smile
But she kept on going for more
More than you need

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