Woody Guthrie Thomas Guiducci River
12. January 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Thomas Guiducci River

by Walter Price

Delta Blues, gospel, or folk revival, whichever way you want to describe the new powerhouse palms raised towards the sky single “River” from Italy’s Thomas Guiducci, one thing is for sure…this track is going to shake your soul.

Over the years Guiducci has become known as a storyteller and while “River” is sparse on lyrics, there is a story being told. And as I hear it, it’s about finding a way back to the comfort you once knew. Your place of solitude, if you will. Even its dangers are a welcomed memory. Is that place your hometown, a relationship, or a connection to nature— it’s far too individualized to make the call. Have a listen and let this song’s powers wash over you and intertwine with your will to let go of monotony.

You can stream the Missispip coursing through its DNA “River” and see its visuals, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Thomas Guiducci

Production: Good Luck Factory/Deck Studio
Producer: Gianluca Morelli
Banjo/Ukulele, Voice, Dobro: Thomas Guiducci
Choirs: Il Cardinale, Swanz The Lonely Cat
Percussions: Thomas Guiducci, Il Cardinale, Swanz The Lonely Cat

Piano: Gianluca Morelli

Video Editing: Good Luck Factory
Footage: CottonBro
Mix e Master: Gianluca Morelli

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