The Doohickeys
27. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

…nothin’ to do, THE DOOHICKEYS This Town Sucks

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The Doohickeys

by Walter Price

If you’ve grown up in or perhaps kicked some rocks around a small American town for any length of time, then sardonic alt-country duo The Doohickeys’ celebrated single, “This Town Sucks”, is gonna conjure up some true-to-life memories.

There are certainly some outstanding and picturesque scenes unfolding throughout this one. Like the local obligatory Dollar General, the local dive bar and its subsequent brawls, the town’s mysteries but the folks keep their doors unlocked (go figure), pot and meth-heads & God-fearing folks cohabitating within this place’s tight-knit community. Ah, the memories…

Although there are plenty of pointed jabs at growing up in a small town (and possibly, county music itself) in this song, there’s also a sweetness as well. Perhaps it’s vocalist Haley Spence Brown’s delivery or the gentle AM radio guitar work—Whatever it may be, the bottom line is that this track is a soundtrack-ready slice of Americana through and through. And proof that there’s always something going on while there’s nothin’ to do.

You can stream “This Town Sucks” and let it reconstitute those faded memories of your small-town experiences, here at the GTC.


Band photo and bio quote via // Artwork via Spotify

Written by Haley Spence Brown & Jack Hackett

Jack Hackett // the doohickeys // Haley Spence Brown

Hailing from Missouri and Georgia respectively, Haley and Jack met doing comedy in Los Angeles but bonded over their love-hate relationship with country music. On a whim, they began writing their own songs that they dub “Cheeky Country.” – bio

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