Eric Silverman As My Country Drifted Away
26. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

GTC DEEP CUT: ERIC SILVERMAN As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)

Eric Silverman As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned) is available on Rookie EP, SoundCloud, Apple

As My Country Drifted Away

by Walter Price

With its swelling psych-pop arrangement, and heavily pointed lyrics, “As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)” from Eric Silverman’s 2020 ‘Rookie‘ EP may not be the deepest of cuts to his fans, but for new ones, this song is gonna hit ya.

Dropping just before the world went through an unprecedented multi-year meltdown; the words offered up here are like daggers. Kinda makes you realize that our societies have been in some sort of social, media, and political chaos for far beforehand. And perhaps our post-Reagan-eras lackluster defiance is to blame…

As my country drifted away
As my country drifted away
I got Stoned!
And then the world just melted away
then the world just melted away
We were alone

People Talk
They Should scream
about the incredible Horrors
while coke machines
beg and plead
for you to try the original taste

‘Rookie’ EP as well as Silverman’s celebrated ‘Stay In It‘ LP (2023) are well worth some cerebral attention. But if time is an issue, get started with the hidden-in-plain-sight “As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)”. You can do just that by streaming the single, here at the GTC.

As My Country Drifted Away (I Got Stoned)

Artist photo and quote courtesy of Eric Silverman, Curation Records, and artwork via Bandcamp


All songs written by Eric Silverman, performed by Eric Silverman and Damien Lewis

Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Damien Lewis
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound

Recorded at 64 Sound and Kingsize Soundlabs – Los Angeles, California
Additional recording at Different Fur Studios – San Francisco, California
64 Sound Engineering by Tyler Karmen
Different Fur Engineering by Sean Paulson

(full credits)

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It wasn’t so much that he didn’t want to make the record in a proper recording studio, but he had just come into possession of a Tascam 388 console last owned by Jerry Garcia, so a different vibe was clearly necessary. The kind where if you want to rip a guitar solo at 3am with the windows open, you go for it, cowboy. A flurry of calls reverberated back and forth until Eric and his producer Damien Lewis (Kevin Parker, James Bay), crash-landed in the tiny high desert outpost of Landers, California…in August.” – bio (Stay In It)

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