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26. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

…all the skies are gray, JOY AUTUMN Beautiful

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Joy Autumn Beautiful

by Walter Price

Seattle composer Joy Autumn had already endeared herself to her ever-growing fanbase as a celebrated songwriter and an earnest superfan of Kurt Cobain over the past several years. So, it should be no surprise that this open-book storyteller would return to the scene with the stark beauty of a track that invites the listener into quite a personal journey to finding self-respect/self-confidence.

In a Facebook post dated October 20, 2023, Autumn says of her latest single “Beautiful”, “In 2019, when I started writing this song, I was in a dark place, feeling as though I had fallen short in every aspect of life—career, relationships, finances, success, you name it. It was during that period that I realized I needed to be kinder to myself, and I wrote this song almost as a prayer to surrender my negative self-talk and replace it with something more encouraging.

“There is beauty in extending the same compassion to ourselves that we give to our friends. There is beauty in self-acceptance, in discovering that our worth is intrinsically attached to who we are, not what we achieve. It’s vulnerable for me to share this song with the world, but I hope that anyone who has ever felt the same way can give themselves the grace to see their own inherent beauty regardless of their achievements.”

Joy Autumn, whether she feels it all the time or not, is a natural-born narrator—a compassionate truth-teller, even when the paths to these songs she gives us are occasionally daunting ones. You can stream the vulnerable “Beautiful”, here at the GTC.

JOY AUTUMN Beautiful

Artist photo by Katrina Camille Manaligod // Artwork via Facebook

Written by Joy Autumn (and Kara Connolly)

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Thank you for all your kind messages about my new song “Beautiful.” To be honest, many of them brought me to tears. Hearing people talk about their personal journeys and the ups and downs of coping with elusive dreams was truly moving. My takeaway,(and this includes myself) is that we all can afford to be a bit kinder to ourselves. Sending so much love!.” – Joy Autumn (Facebook)

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