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23. July 2020 By Walter Price 0

…stronger now, VIDEO/SINGLE: KATIE WOOD – Uh Huh Yeah

Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

In these uneasy times of unrest, pandemic, and political weirdness, being afraid of what’s just outside your door can be debilitating. And if you suffer from agoraphobia, then things can get even more daunting. London-based indie-pop star on-the-rise Katie Wood’s recent single, “Uh Huh Yeah”, set in a brilliant 80s vibe, is a personal tale of the emotions of dealing with and ultimately accepting such fears,

I want someone to wake me up
Hold me down
And tell me this ain’t real
If this is what life’s meant to be
Then how the fuck
Am I supposed to feel

Close the door and turn around
(Turn around, turn around, turn around)
I know that I am stronger now
(Stronger now, stronger now, stronger now)
Uh huh uh huh uh huh yeah

Although highly catchy and with an undeniable thump, this beautifully written track will also be an inspiration to many dealing with the uncertainties that await out in the open. Or, perhaps, this track can help some cope with this strange new world being forged.

I couldn’t face leaving my flat, let alone go to work or see my friends and I just felt so powerless. So the song is about that feeling and in many ways accepting it as a way to move on through it, I do believe that you have to face your fears to overcome them.” – K. Wood

If you’re a fan of Fire Tiger, Holiday Sidewinder, and/or Til Tuesday, then add this one to your summer music-makes-me-feel-safe playlist…an you can stream this stunner and watch its accompanying film, below.


Photos courtesy of LPR Agency

Produced by Katie Wood

Video Credits:
Filmed by Ben Rotherham
Edited by Katie Wood
Additional help by Scott Colcombe

Katie Wood

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All of my music has a kind of sarcastic charm to it, even though I mainly write about my own life experiences I don’t actually take myself ALL that seriously and it’s part of who I am – to use humour alongside somewhat depressing and solemn subjects.” – K. Wood

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