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…Stay high my only one, M. BYRD – Morning Sun

M. Byrd – Morning Sun is available at Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud.

m. byrd morning sun

by Walter Price

Making the pop comparisons is rather easy when it comes to Hamburg’s M. Byrd’s recent delicate single, “Morning Sun”. Band of Horses, The War on Drugs, Iron & Wine, and the list could go on for ages. Byrd is clearly in good company as his songwriting and on-a-breeze-vocal delivery, like the before mentioned names before him, are culminating into modern soft-rock, soundtrack-ready beauties. And this one, his second single, is a fine example of this burgeoning singer-songwriter’s future.

In the track’s YouTube description, Byrd explains his introspective inspiration behind the tender song, “Morning Sun has become a kind of morning mantra for me. The idea came to me a few years ago in the morning right after I got up and it came back to me subsequently over and over again, like a kind of entry into meditation, until I finally recorded it and arranged it into form.”

Hang low my morning sun
And tell me where these birds come from
Show me how to clear the haze
That keeps my eyes from seeing

Speak slow
My southern one
I can hardly feel a thing
Like a needle in my heart
Like a stench in my brain

And to add to this track’s understated charms, the music video, choreographed and performed by the stunning dancer Rose Marie Lindstrøm, this Marcel Izquierdo Torres directed film gracefully portrays all the emotional weight the lyrics have to offer. The images and words are hand-in-glove.

You can stream “Morning Sun” and see its video, now at the GTC.

M. BYRD Morning Sun

Artist photo via Facebook

Produced by Eugen Koop
Written & played by Maximilian Barth

Choreographer & Dancer: Rose Marie Lindstrøm
Director: Marcel Izquierdo Torres
Illustrator: Jan Buchczik
Producer: Hannes Kuhr

m. byrd

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Stay high my only one
Cause you come out and take my past
I will sing a song at last
And it’s never fading

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