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13. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

…do you want it, baby? LIPSTICK JODI do/SAY

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Lipstick Jodi

by Walter Price

Grand Rapids’ very own Lipstick Jodi’s recent single “do/SAY” is an explosive track full of F-U realizations. A glaring look back at a lopsided blame-filled relationship, this mix of anger and I’m-not-gonna-take-it-anymore makes for a brooding track that’ll find fans of AWOLNATION’s sonic weightiness and PHTMNS lyricism finding a new self-empowering anthem.

So sick of the cries / I’ll drown them with my own suffering
One at a time / Dig deep until you can’t find me
You say you’re sick of the lies? / Well I’m sick of the crimes
You think you’re sick of the lies? / Are you sick of the lies?

Oh, do you want it, baby? (Do you want it, do you want it, do you want it, baby)
Oh, say you want it, baby? (Say you want it, say you want it, say you want it, baby)

The listener can not escape vocalist Karli Morehouse’s emotional realities on this single. There’s a different vibe when a singer is telling a tale from the first-person lived perspective and this release is a powerful reminder that a manipulator can’t forever hold a strong-willed person down.

“do/SAY” is taken from the forthcoming ‘More Like Me’ LP, expected June 4, 2021, via Quite Scientific Records. And you can stream the single and see its burn it down film, directed by Jackson Ezinga & Jeen Na, now at the GTC.


Article cover photo by Jeen Na

Karli Morehouse quote courtesy of The Syndicate PR

More Like Me
Karli Morehouse
Andy Fettig
Connor Middlebrook
Mixed by Lee Curtiss Myers
Recording and production by Andrew Fettig
Photography by Hwa-Jeen Na. Layout by Brian Peters

Directed by Jackson Ezinga & Hwa-Jeen Na
Produced by EZO Productions & Sidecar Studios
Director of Photography Tyler Grimm
Camera Operator Josh Tyron
Key Grip Chad Miller
Production Assistant Lucas Kapla
Set Decorator Austen Ezinga
Edited by Jackson Ezinga & Hwa-Jeen Na
Sound Mixer Sasa Slogar
VFX Artist Ryan Sundberg
Colorist Jeen Na
Post Production Assistant Raleigh Chadderdon
Special Thanks to Grand Rapids Civic Theatre & Dan Freeland

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One day I looked around at my surroundings and found that I needed something to change. I’d kind of lost myself when I was 20 and did a lot of things that I was not proud of in order to attain some sort of escapism. Something needed to budge. So, following a lot of emotional and boundary growth, the songs we finished center around change; letting go, and moving on. And while I didn’t go into writing ‘More Like Me’ with an idea of ‘I’m going to write about xxx’, looking back, in a way, this album is a loud scream to myself and others, that I wasn’t okay.” – Karli Morehouse

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