far from over
23. January 2020 By Walter Price 0

Shorelines gone and maps destroyed, VIDEO/SINGLE: BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY – This Is Far From Over

Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I Made A Place is available [31 January 2020] at Apple Music.

far from over

by Walter Price

Embracing what has been and finding comfort in the impending unknowns, Will Oldham’s Bonnie “Prince” Billy returns with a graceful new lullaby. “This Is Far From Over”, is a soothing reminder of life’s fleeting and delicate moments. Instances and experiences that often get overlooked, if not forgotten, in our involuntary urge to perpetually move forward. He sings, “Be sure you teach your kids to swim and navigate by stars above/ The fate of landlocked life is grim when you ignore our will to love.” Affecting lyrics to slow down to and live by…

The home movie-style of the journeyed, tale-of-moments, music video is explained in a YouTube post, “This Is Far From Over” features and was edited by Captain Olivia O Wyatt. She just completed a solo transpacific crossing from San Diego to Hawaii on her 34 ft. boat, Juniper. The voyage lasted 23 days and was chronicled on her blog Wilderness of Waves. From Hawaii, she will sail around the world to destinations guided by humpback whale migration patterns. As Olivia traverses the sea, she is creating an ethnographic film exploring the mystery of humpback whale songs from the perspective of indigenous communities who revere them as deities.”

“This Is Far From Over” will feature on the forthcoming LP, ‘I Made A Place’, expected 31 January 2020 via Drag City Records. You can stream the 4 track single at Spotify and check out the incredible film below.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Will Oldham photo via the Vish Khanna article for exclaim!

Footage captured by:
Olivia O Wyatt – website
Simone Staff – website
Colin Weatherby – website
Todd Hansen – youtube
Sam Holmes – website
Jaime Lebrija – website

‘I Made a Place’ will feature: Nathan Salsburg / Joan Shelley / Mike Hyman

far from over

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“Shorelines gone, and maps destroyed, livelihoods dissolved and void. Entire languages unheard and still it’s far from over.”

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