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15. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

…live in my dreams, HIDDEN BEAMS – Animals

Hidden Beams – Animals is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Deep-rooted, somber, thick in symbolic and cinematic thought, the new single “Animals” from Hidden Beams [Carlos Argon] is parts Bowie, Floyd, and full of consciousness. A psych/prog-rock composition that finds this established musician/composer at his methodical best.

Are they here or are we on our own
Couldn’t tell you how or why I know
In perfect time Colors of smoke magic of any kind
We’ll go alive this time
There’s a place outside where we don’t have to hide
There we’re free
We’ll go one day when you’ve got the time and strength to come with me
Who are we
Sharing a path so frail to the touch
This life is killing me
I’m trying to remember to just forgive
And as symbols fold in fabric old
And as fate boldly reveals
I’ll live in my dreams
My dream’s with you

Lyrics that induce a flood of philosophic imagery and musing, this weighty track transcends conventional indie-rock and brings a breath of studied air and will be noted as an early 2021 benchmark. And you can stream this indelible beauty and its interpretive dance-filled film, by Yoshi Sodeoka, now at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Carlos Argon – producer
Mastered at Abbey Roads studios by Christian Wright
Jeremy McDonald
Fraser A Campbell
Eli Crews
James Knoerl

Film by Yoshi Sodeoka

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Regardless of experimentation, the focus is always on creating healing, soothing, and, sometimes, jarring songs. These songs serve as windows into confusion and acceptance, realization, and insight,” – Carlos Argon

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