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Jane Allison – Methylene Blue is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Methylene Blue jane allison

by Walter Price

Unfortunately, Jane Allison had to post this recent Facebook message to fans [August 16, 2019], “The album release date for “Like Magdalene” is delayed for a while due to the Pledgemusic liquidation fiasco. In the meantime, I’m busy getting gig-ready with my new band so please keep an eye out for upcoming gigs. Thanks for your patience. Love JA x”.

That’s a situation plaguing many indie artists in the wake of Pledgemusic’s demise. Although heartbreaking and somewhat tragic for the DIY creatives, it’s a good time to go back a bit in your favorite performers’ catalogs and support them by streaming, and ultimately, buying their hard work.

Like Magdalene is expected June 21, 2021

I just bought Jane Allison’s brilliant, to say the least, ‘Methylene Blue’ (2017). A stunning collection that’s been perfectly described as, “Mercurial and brooding, lilting cowboy balladry. Haunting and pretty Americana folk, laced with a melancholic darkness”.

I’ll add my two cents in saying that this set is deeply rooted in traditional country music with hints of honky-tonk grit and 70s gypsy magic sprinkled in. Allison’s voice is her superpower as each heartfelt track is a unique vignette that conjures memories of perma-dynamic names like Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, Stevie Nicks, and Lilly Hiatt.

Until Allison gets that much-anticipated release date for Like Magdalene, give this recent classic a spin (and a purchase). Indie artists thrive with your patronage.

[20. August 2019]


Methylene Blue + Just Another Girl

Artist photo via Facebook

Methylene Blue
Written by Jane Allison
Produced by Alonza Bevan

Just Another Girl
Music & Lyrics Jane Allison
Recorded & Produced by Alonza Bevan
Singing – Jane Allison
All other accompaniment – Alonza Bevan
Additional elec guitars on 1,3,4 – ‘Country” Dave Caven
Additional elec guitars on 7,8,9 – Mark Legassick

Jane Allison

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Born Jane Alison Sherman in the Welsh seaside town of Aberystwyth her performing career spans the creative landscapes of both music, theatre, TV & film with notable roles and appearances under her belt she is an accomplished musician, actress and writer in equal measure.” – bio

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