Jane Allison Methylene Blue
20. August 2019 By Walter Price 0

Mercurial and brooding, lilting cowboy balladry: JANE ALLISON – Methylene Blue

Jane Allison – Methylene Blue is available @ Bandcamp.

Jane Allison

by Walter Price

Unfortunately, Jane Allison had to post this recent Facebook message to fans, “The album release date for “Like Magdalene” is delayed for a while due to the Pledgemusic liquidation fiasco. In the meantime, I’m busy getting gig ready with my new band so please keep an eye out for upcoming gigs. Thanks for your patience. Love JA x”.

That’s a situation plaguing many indie artists in the wake of Pledgemusic’s demise. Although heartbreaking and somewhat tragic for the DIY creatives, it is a good time to go back a bit in your favorite performers’ catalogs and support them by streaming, and ultimately, buying their hard work.

I just bought Jane Allison’s brilliant, to say the least, ‘Methylene Blue’ (2017). A stunning collection that’s been perfectly described as, “Mercurial and brooding, lilting cowboy balladry. Haunting and pretty Americana folk, laced with a melancholic darkness”.

Which I’ll add my cents in saying that this set is deeply rooted in traditional country music with hints of honky-tonk grit and 70s gypsy magic sprinkled in. Allison’s voice is her superpower as each heartfelt track is a unique vignette that conjures memories of perma-dynamic names like Tammy Wynette, Tanya Tucker, Stevie Nicks, and Lilly Hiatt.

Until Allison gets that much-anticipated release date for Like Magdalene, give this recent classic a spin (and a purchase). Indie artists thrive with your patronage.


Methylene Blue + Just Another Girl

Written by Jane Allison
Produced by Alonza Bevan

Jane Allison

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