Dolly Dagger Sick
27. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

…poison and kisses, DOLLY DAGGER Sick

Dolly Dagger Sick is available on Nightmare EP, Apple Music, Deezer

Dolly Dagger Sick

by Walter Price

Calling all alt-rock purest, Dolly Dagger is poised to rock you with her powderkeg EP, ‘Nightmare’! Dagger finds herself in a rarefied few who have found that less is more and the four tracks offered up on this set are bang on.

On the powers of EPs over Lsingles, Dagger, via a release provided to GTC, says, “I think EPs inherently feel more put together, but especially in this case, looking back at our previous releases as singles, this EP helps to define what we’re working towards. it stands apart in a couple of ways, these songs were closer together as to when they were written, and they have similar themes because of that period of time and what I was going through but also the sonic landscape; we had the chance to further develop our sound which is ultimately more cohesive than anything previously released and Jesse McInturff (guitar) and I have now been writing together for a longer period of time.”

Cohesive it is. Humanistic drudgeries can often summon up dark and twisted inner thoughts and those demons, if you will, although rough during the journey can result in some wild turn-in-up rocknroll. Kudos Dolly Dagger.

The just-released single/video “SICK” is a great place to start on this EP. This erie riff-heavy stunner is an ode to the seemingly gnarly environment/circumstances one finds oneself in and the effects it places on their well-being. In another quote, Dagger shares the track’s origin story, “The song is about actually being sick – whether mentally or physically – and how a place and the people around you can contribute to that. “You made me sick” is open for interpretation on who or what makes you sick, personally I had a few situations. “I think I’m dead, maybe I wished it” is a reflection of how I got myself into said situations. Maybe I manifested it? It’s an exploration of who else is contributing to it and a practice of just calling out that negativity.”

Dolly Dagger and her band of rocknroll purists have set the bar pretty high with their ‘Nightmare’ EP, but it’s not just the album that’ll have tongues a waggin’. Dagger is quite the auteur. First, she dropped the X-Files-esque film for the title track, “Nightmare“, and now, for “Sick”, Dagger & Co has a glam performance video chuck full of dreamy visual surprises for you to feast upon.

Play it cool—You can experience all this for yourself by streaming “SICK” and witnessing its music video, here at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Junkfood Media

VIDEO: Directed and edited by Dolly Dagger

Cinematographer: Mo Mcfadden
Additional footage by Jesse McInturff & Dolly Dagger
Synchronized swimmers: @violitt + Ivan
Art Department: William Von Bear
Creative Director: Strange Kid Productions

Written and performed by Dolly Dagger and Jesse McInturff
Produced by Matt Cerritos
Mixed by James Paul Wisner
Mastered by Idania Valencia

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In the immortal words of Jimi Hendrix, “Here comes Dolly Dagger…” Named after the iconic Hendrix song, Australian-born Los Angeles artist Dolly Dagger is doing her namesake justice with her fiery debut EP Nightmare dropping October 26th. With gorgeous vocal melodies and crushing rock guitar riffs that sear themselves deep inside your brain, the power of these songs is undeniable. Dolly’s true talent and real rock ’n’ roll grit ooze from every track of the 4-song EP.” – press bio

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