The Crowleys
28. October 2023 By Walter Price 0

…waiting so long, THE CROWLEYS Seasons

The Crowleys Seasons is available on Strange Seasons LP, Apple Music, Tidal

The Crowleys

by Walter Price

From their debut LP ‘Strange Seasons’, Ontario’s The Crowelys has released a lush and sobering single called “Seasons”. This song, finding its sound someplace between The Church and Sixpence None The Richer, is said to be the first song written by vocalist Giuliana Frontini and its weightiness is palpable only to be softened by Frontini’s lullaby delivery. As you’ll discover, this balance is all the magic.

About the subject matter here, let’s talk about the accompanying Super8 music video which contains some bleak visuals and its backstory is, well, socially conscious and solemn. According to a lengthy quote provided to GTC, the film is explained, “In it, two separate characters are intrigued by “The Mask” and end up adorning it. This mask represents consumerism and materialism. It allows for the wearer to hide their true self, promises to fulfill their desires, provides instant gratification, and allows them to keep up with social norms. “The Mask” is always accompanied by “The Bag” which represents waste and its environmental impact.

“When we look to (and idolize) consumerism, it perpetuates a disposable culture – one that has terrible implications for the environment. As consumerism thrives, the demand for goods escalates, leading to increased resource extraction, and waste generation. All of these factors contribute to deforestation, habitat destruction, water pollution, and climate change. This cycle devalues artistry and well-made goods. Instead, it incentives poorly made and disposable goods. The doffing of “The Bag” reveals a smiling face and symbolizes how people can be happy without consumerism and the weight of plastic.”

Well, again, heady. Hidden under an indelibly beautiful dreamy arrangement and delicate vocals. The Crowleys have crafted a wonderful introduction for any new fan, like myself. You can stream “Seasons” and see its Rae Connell-shot film, here at GTC.


Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research

Strange Seasons
Written and performed by The Crowleys:
Stuart Downie: drums, percussion, backing vocals, synth
Giuliana Frontini: vocals
Collin Horlick: bass, bass synth
Justyn Horlick: synth, guitar
Cohen Wylie: guitar, backing vocals, synth
(full credits)

Shot on Super 8 by Rae Connell
Edited by Calvin Hilfiger

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“Strange Seasons has taught us that through all things we move forward. Be that for better or for worse. That time does not wait for us, but we can never resign to the march of time. It is never too late to start something new or continue on through a dedicated path. To continue to grow and change things for the better is all we can hope to achieve.” – bio

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