John David Kent
26. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet John David Kent

“Before The Sun Comes Up’
out 1 October 2013
Greenville, TX native John David Kent isn’t the new kid on the musical block. JDK has been banging away at a career most people would dream of. Touring and recording with Radish, Ben Kweller  and others he has been doing his own thing now for a number of years and he’s damn good at it. He has already scored several hits on the Texas Music Chart, including “My Girl”, “Runaway” & “Back To The Country”.

Now JDK has a brand new album, Before The Sun Comes Up, coming out next week, 1 Oct., and we have had the opportunity to listen to it 8-9 times complete and it is a fantastic! What a dandy progression in Kent’s already great career…An album that gets better the louder you crank that stereo of yours. Seems custom made for the open road…A winner for sure friends!

Take some time to get to know John David Kent. A man you probably didn’t even know you already knew…

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Here is a glimpse from his official bio:

“When you’ve been on a world tour and signed to a major record label at the age of 16, played on both Letterman and Conan, built your own studio, started your own record label, formed a new band whose first full-length record spawned three top 20 singles on the Texas charts and a hit video on CMT Pure Country, it’s hard to imagine what kind of barometer John David Kent (JDK) uses to measure future success. “I want to continue to blur the lines of genres and spread my music across the world”, says Kent. Ask five listeners to describe this band’s musical genre and you are sure to get five different answers. A breath of fresh air in the music industry, John David Kent’s music is “influenced by…” without “sounding just like…”.”

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