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29. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

We’ll create the story, NEW GHOST – Fountain

New Ghost – Future Is Dead EP is available at Bandcamp, Spotify.

new ghost

by Walter Price

The second EP, ‘Future Is Dead’, from Sheffield-based New Ghost is a three-track stunner. Each song a brilliantly dark and atmospheric vignette created by a coming together of several indie musicians who bring their own unique set of skills to the project. As this collective utilizes all the best shadowy bits the post-punk era had to offer, culminating in community art at its sonic best.

Songwriter Chris Anderson is quoted, “It was exciting to once again get some of my favourite musicians in a room and delve deeper into what we could achieve. This is the first outing for Taz [Ali] on drums (on record) for us, and the difference is startling really. We’ve been friends for many years, and I’ve been a huge fan of his and what he does with AWOOGA. He brings such a muscular approach to playing, and I think that this in particular is what really sets these recordings apart from the mini-album. He and Gareth [Hughes] LOCKED in immediately and that drove these songs forward and coupled with what Caroline [Cawley] is able to bring to whatever she is involved with, that just elevated everything.”

While most of the lyrics are credited to Anderson, this EP isn’t singular. Rather, this is 3 layered tracks sewn together by artists who clearly approach music-making differently, and it works. Listen and you’ll find the nuanced nods to the crafters’ individual styles that form these stories. You’ll quickly realize that “Future Is Dead” harkens back to the excitement that the heyday of college rock afforded us all.

As a gateway song, check out the jagged lushness of center track “Fountain”. Delicate contrasting vocals surrounded by an unwavering beat and airy arrangement, this one is a soul stirrer. You can stream it and watch the lockdown-era shot video collage, below.

Down with the fountain
We’ll create the story
Be a part of it
Reach inside of it
Were you ever in the centre of?


It’s a fall in the rain
It was worth it in the end

And you’re a fan of Joy Division, Mogwai, and/or We Lost The Sea, then add this one to your favorite ethereal-rock playlists.


Artist photo via Facebook

All songs written by Chris Anderson
Recorded by Tom Henthorn
Produced by Tom Henthorn and New Ghost
Mixed by Tom Henthorn
Mastered by Dean Honer
Album artwork Wou Wou & The Wormling

Future Is Dead EP, NEW GHOST is
Chris A
Gareth Hughes
Taz Ali
Caroline Cawley
Nic Bowden

Footage filmed by
Chris Anderson
Nic Bowden
Caroline Cawley
Gareth Hughes
Ed Sprake
John Sephton

Edited by Chris Anderson. Additional imagery by Stu Longden, Greg Somerset

new ghost

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There’s a long line of EP’s I’ve become obsessed with over the years, namely “The Secret Of Elena’s Tomb” by Trail Of Dead, the “EP+6” collection by Mogwai, “Tremulant” by The Mars Volta and “Undersea” by The Antlers (to name a few), so the aim was to try and make something in the same vein as those. A tiny, intense world that you would live in for a very short period of time.” – Chris A

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