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20. June 2015 By Walter Price 1

Penny Ikinger Into the Slipstream

I didn’t know then what I know now and I couldn’t know what I know now if I didn’t do what I did penny ikingermusicthen. Hope that makes sense.’ – Penny Ikinger

by Walter Price


Forgive me but until a few days ago the name Penny Ikinger was a total unknown to me. Then I found this video for a track called “Into the Slipstream” from her album Penelope (Citadel). The tone of the track moves in the after midnight dirty experimental Rock N’ Roll eruption harking back to the Warhol addicted players of the burgeoning New York underground days.

The thrilling clip and track mesmerize and coax the observer toward is it okay to fall into its spell so quickly. This track is 70’s era slithering garage rock meets post-punk with dark pop tendencies at its very finest. Check out the clip below and try not to get addicted.


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And if “Into the Slipstream” was’t enough also dig into the incredible psych pop with a salting of honky tonk à la Kevin Ayers is Patti Smith track “Pieces of Glass”.