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19. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

edibleRED is Perfect in P!nk cover


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I decided to celebrate with this extremely young, hot and in key rendition of P!NK’s “Perfect”.

by Walter Price


I’ve been familiar with the music of edibleRed (Collette McLafferty) for more than a decade now. Becoming a fan of her music and goodtime artistic personality and way of life back in my NYC days. McLafferty was also cool enough to let me film her and her band of friends on her apartment rooftop for a project that never really took of at the ABC Radio Networks. Wish I still had those clips…

In 2014, in a very odd twist of fate or personal hell, McLafferty got sued for $10 million. As the NY Post headline read, “Singer sued for being too old and ugly for Pink cover band”. I won’t pretend to know all the details but here is the gist of it all.

There was to be this Long Island Pink cover band, who performed once under the name Funhouse, and one of the founders (allegedly), this cat named Charles Bonfante, didn’t dig much about McLafferty’s abilities, sex appeal and whatever else a douchey (opinion) sort would be willing to upchuck. According to the same NY Post article this lawyer and former Michael Bolton tour drummer (allegedly) claimed out she (McLafferty) was “too old, ugly and untalented to portray the pop star in his Pink tribute band.” all at the great age of 40.

Wow, this is some weird stuff indeed. Well, McLafferty has done what she does all too well and put her vocals to awesome use in a marvelous cover of Pink’s “Perfect”. Fitting. About the cover she posted on Facebook, “Hey folks, can you believe one year ago today I went viral for allegedly being too “old and ugly” to sing in a P!NK Tribute Band? I decided to celebrate with this extremely young, hot and in key rendition of P!NK’s “Perfect”. It almost feels as if the song was written for me… thanks to everyone who has shown support this year…it’s been a doozy!”

Check out the video and be on the lookout for a new album ’42’ coming 23 November.

Right on.


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