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I’m sorry our lives passed by, SINGLE: GEA – Predefined

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by Walter Price

The origin story of the recent ethereal single, “Predefined”, by Finland’s GEA is devastatingly disturbing, at best. It’s been said that this track comes from a scene in a restaurant, where a man lies dying on the floor as pretentious patrons complain about the ensuing kerfuffle. And as bleak as it may seem, this track is a metaphor for the current times. As worldwide social climates are being challenged and redefined, this track is a pointed finger at the sullen faced ne’er-do-wells who are seemingly blind to the plights playing out around them.

I’m sorry I had to die
on your way to dine
and disturb
your pre-defined
way of life

Uuuuu (pre-defined)
Uuuuu (pre-defined)

I’m sorry our lives passed by
and you saw part of mine
and disturbed
your pre-defined
way of life

A whispery chant delivers the poetic lyrics, which are cradled by a soft earthy arrangement. Intertwined with a marching beat that’s reminiscent of a Mississippi River valley PowWow drum-circle and Chris Birkett’s haunting backing vocals provide enriched depths to this already beautuíful and poignant song.

“Predefined” is from the forthcoming Chris Birkett produced LP, ‘Call For A Snake‘. And if you’re a fan of the outofthisworld sounds of Dead Can Dance, Björk, Kate Bush, and/or you like your music eclectic and thought-provoking, then add this one to your favorite art-rock playlist. And you can stream it and watch the film, created by, now at the GTC.

GEA Predefined

Artist photo by Valokuvaaja Satu Mali

Songwriting & Lyrics: GEA
Recording & Production: Chris Birkett, 2 Mounties Media Inc
Vocal recording: Oona Kapari
Mastering: Fred Kevorkian, Kevorkian Mastering, inc.

Vocals: GEA
Backing vocals, drums, percussion, Round Dance First Nation drum, tambura, bass, keyboards, and electric guitar: Chris Birkett
Piano: Jutta Irene Ruonansuu

Recorded at: Hailuoto & Helsinki, Finland & Toronto, Canada
Mastered at: Brooklyn, New York

Single cover & branding:, Tallinn, Estonia

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My message with this album [Call For A Snake] is that all the wisdom you need is inside of you. The snake is guarding this ancient and intuitive knowledge, and you just need to wake up your inner voice to access it,” – GEA

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