Chloé Caroline
30. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

A 3 Year Journey, CHLOÉ CAROLINE – Everywhere I Go LP [Jamie Houston and Joseph Magee, producers]

Chloé Caroline – Everywhere I Go LP is available at Apple Music.

Chloé Caroline

by Walter Price

Without a doubt, Southern California singer-songwriter Chloé Caroline’s recent LP, ‘Everywhere I Go’, is this summer’s must-have album. Breezy country-pop, rhythm and blues, and getcha in the heartstrings lyrics. Words that tell tales of addiction, relationships, self-respect, grief, and stops in-between. And while these subject matters can be weighty, the way Caroline delivers a lyric lets the heaviness glide through in beautiful gentleness.

The journey this album and its creator have been on could’ve stopped most in their tracks. A three-year quest filled with ups and downs, then the pandemic and unrest couldn’t stop this album from breathing its truths. And the world is a better place for this timeless set. To date, this year’s most cohesive album.

A couple of years ago, I began making my debut record. It was the first time I got to throw my entire being into my music every step of the way— with the intention to create something fresh that was authentically Chloé Caroline. Due to some circumstances out of my control, it took longer than expected to get in your hands, but I am beyond proud of this record and always will be. This is just the beginning. So ready for you to have these 14 songs.” – Chloé Caroline (YouTube)

If you’re a fan of Shelby Lynne, Brian Wilson, Shawn Colvin, and/or a soft breeze flowing through your soul, then this 14-track-beauty is for you. You can stream the album, produced by Jamie Houston and Joseph Magee, and watch a film about the debut LP, below.


Artist photo via Facebook / album artwork by Tyler Farino

Produced by Jamie Houston and Joseph Magee

Chloé Caroline

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Born and raised off of Pacific Coast Highway on the shores of Manhattan Beach California, Chloé was immersed in sound from birth. Her father, a musician and film maker, filled their house with the eclectic sounds of Fleetwood Mac and The Stones, mashed up with Frank Sinatra, Ricky Lee Jones and Dolly Parton.” – fb bio

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