Lemoncello Always Neighbours
27. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…a fragment of you, LEMONCELLO Always Neighbours

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Lemoncello Always Neighbours

by Walter Price

How indelible are faded memories? How much weight and influence do circumstances and relationships have on our future selves? And how far away are our pasts at any given moment? The recent single “Always Neighbours” from Irish folk duo Lemoncello beautifully explores these very human contemplations.

The single, co-produced by Lemoncello and Julie McLarnon, is explained on its Bandcamp post as, “An ode to the cyclical nature of love and life. A reminder that in order to be free, we must at once let the past go while knowing it’s what has given us the resilience to march on.”

I hold a fragment of you in an old picture,
Up to the oil lamp to inspect it again.
When I couldn’t see your face so clearly,
I turn on the main light switch –
Wake up it’s 2019 and you need to get over it.
Wake up it’s 2019 and you need to get on with it.

Childhood friends
Teenage lovers
Adult strangers
Always neighbours
Always neighbours

Navigating and coping with all the intricacies of love, loss, and the spaces in between isn’t the easiest of journies. But as this song asks you to do, consider these moments as the undeniable building blocks that they really are. And don’t be surprised or afraid of the sneaky and perhaps uncomfortable reminders that may appear from around the corner from time to time.

You can stream the meticulously delicate “Always Neighbours” as well as see its late-nite Laura Quirke-directed film, here at the GTC.

LEMONCELLO Always Neighbours

Lemoncello photo by Eilís Doherty // Lyrics via Bandcamp

“Always Neighbours” was produced by Julie McLarnon, Laura Quirke, and Claire Kinsella. Recorded onto 2″ Tape by Julie McLarnon with Elise Mollé as Assistant Engineer. Mixing by Julie McLarnon. Mastering by David Odlum.

Recorded April 2021 in Analogue Catalogue Studios, Rathfriland, Co. Down

Written by Lemoncello
Laura Quirke sang and played guitar
Claire Kinsella played cello and also sang
Caimin Gilmore played double bass
Lorcan Byrne played drums
Ronan Kealy played piano

FILM: Directed & Edited by: Laura Quirke
Cinematography by: Ronan Nissenbaum
Choreography by: Carolyn Ingram
Camera Assistant: JP Quill
Colour grade: Leon Forristal
Titles: James Doyle

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And the harsh light is hurting my eyes,
As the truth is hurting my heart,
I escape out to the night time shadow,
Expecting street lamps to reveal your figure to me
And you could appear around any corner
As you often do
But no-one knows their neighbours in the city.
No-one knows their neighbours in the city

Childhood friends
Teenage lovers
Adult strangers
Always neighbours
Always neighbours

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