Catherine Graindorge
28. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…a story is being told, CATHERINE GRAINDORGE ft. IGGY POP The Dictator

Catherine Graindorge ft. Iggy Pop The Dictator is available on Glitterbeat Records, Deezer, Bandcamp

Catherine Graindorge

by Walter Price

Someplace between the fantastical and eerie worlds of composer Dutch Falconi and the depths of collaborators Fredrik Kinbom and Sonja Kessner comes a 4 chapter EP ‘The Dictator’ from Belgium instrumentalist Catherine Graindorge and the always captivating Iggy Pop.

Pop, who I first witnessed destroy a stage and himself back in Febuary 1987 opening for The Pretenders in College Station, TX, lends his worldly-wise voice to an ominous narrative that will both thrill and perhaps frighten long-time fans. There will be no spoilers here, rather this story must be experienced and then discussed amongst those who’ve made it through. I will say, that while haunting and raw, there is a beauty in this album’s picturesque chronicles.

There is quite the leap-of-faith backstory to this project, as provided by Glitterbeat Records, Graindorge is quoted as, “He [Pop] played two tracks of mine on his BBC 6 Music show last November, so I sent an email addressed to Iggy to the producer of the show, saying that I was very honored and that I’d be delighted to work on a track with him. It was completely spontaneous; I never thought anything would really happen.”

Clearly, the former Stooges heard the composer’s call. “My contribution is to report, through words, the current threat and the longing for happiness and peace.”, Pop has said. And it’s a fascinating journey soundtracked by the captivating and meticulous arrangements of Graindorge. In a sea of indie pop, this EP is like nothing else being told.

Buckle up, you can witness ‘The Dictaor’ in full, here at the GTC.


Artists photo by Matteo Robert Morales // Quotes courtesy of Glitterbeat Records

Music by Catherine Graindorge. Lyrics by Iggy Pop.
Mixed by Joël Grignard. Mastered by Lawrence English

Catherine Graindorge // Iggy Pop

He [Iggy Pop] represents freedom. There is something wild and fearless about him that is very inspiring.” – Catherine Graindorge

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