Sorry I'm Just A Waste of Time
18. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Sorry I’m Just A Waste of Time

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Sorry I'm Just A Waste of Time

by Walter Price

Hi. Are ya feeling a lil bit self-conscious or angsty, kinda wanna kick it at home alone and blast out a few “I’m sorry!!” texts. Not only are you not alone in your current state of low-key self-denigration, but LA’s purveyors of super sweet punk-pop Julez and the Rollerz have dropped an infectious sing-along single “Sorry I’m Just A Waste Of Time” that’s poised to soundtrack you through and out of these very moments.

In a quote provided to the GTC, Jules Batterman shares the song’s personal backstory, “Sorry I’m Just A Waste Of Time was written on a day where I felt like I was letting everybody in my life down, during a time when I felt my most introverted. It’s all based on how badly I just wanted to stay home by myself, and how I kept apologizing for it.”

No apologies needed for this sunlit bop Julez! To die for harmonies and the tastiest of grooves this side of Baby8 that’ll induce windows down, faster than normal highway speeds, and much-needed cheek-splitting grins throughout. Who knew self-doubt could sound so, errr, FUN!

LA is once again the hotbed of Rock N Roll and look no further than current heavy hitters like Broken Baby, Egg Drop Soup, Fire Tiger, and, now, Julez and the Rollerz!! (to name just a few) You can stream “Sorry I’m Just A Waste Of Time”, here at your friendly no-borders neighborhood GTC.

But wait, there’s MORE! Make sure you check out the life’s a beach DIY Louise Bartolotta-directed music video. And if you thought the air guitar was a dead art—-think again! This video/song are reminders that there’s plenty of sunshine for all of us…

JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Sorry I’m Just A Waste of Time

Band photo by Rick Perez // Quote and album artwork courtesy of Julez and The Rollerz

Music recorded with Josiah Mazzaschi at The Cave Studio in Los Angeles

Music video by Louise Bartolotta

Jules Batterman
Rachel David
Shea Carothers
Hannah Hughes
Emi Borja

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Originally started in 2017 as a solo project, Julez assembled her Rollerz after moving from New York City to LA in 2020, solidifying their all-femme lineup a year later. Consisting of Jules Batterman, Rachel David (bass/vocals), Shea Carothers (synth/vocals), Hannah Hughes (guitar/vocals), and Emi Borja (Drums), the band has a tight-knit, down-to-earth core. Onstage, they exude effortless swagger and charisma without sacrificing their relatability or commitment to having a killer time, making them local favorites. A growing force in the LA rock scene, Julez and The Rollerz are ready to rock your socks off.” – bio

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